How to Make Slime at Home. – 3 Easy way

Today we going to talk about how to make slime at home by using simple ingredients that you can find in your home bathroom, kitchen. Try below recipes to enjoy. Let’s see what is a slime. As well as you can learn about how to make stress ball at home by click here.`

What is slime?

Slime is an unpleasantly thick and slippery liquid substance. But the slime is a plastic toy product manufactured by Mattel that sold in plastic trash containers. This product was invented in February 1976 and it contains non-toxic viscous. It hasn’t a specific color and we can see this toy with various colors today market. You can buy slime on amazon by click here.

How to Make Slime at Home?

Method 1 – By using Chewing-Gum

This is the easiest way of making slime at home.


Put chewing gums to the plastic container and mix it all together. Then add toothpaste and glue. Then mix them well until toothpaste, glue and chewing-gum color mix all together. Now you have another Slime.

How to Make Slime at Home.

Method 2 – By using shampoo



put shampoo to a container and add salt to shampoo and mixed it well. Again mix well all together. Now you feel shampoo state is changed. Then close the mouth of the container and leave it for 7-8 hours.

After 7-8 hours you can feel really soft. Now there is slime.

How to Make Slime at Home.

Method 3 – By using Toothpaste



Put tooth past to plastic container and then add water. After adding, mixed water and toothpaste well until dissolve toothpaste well in water. Then add salt to the mixture and mix well. If mixture too watery add some toothpaste again and mix. Then leave 1-2 days at a refrigerator.